Colorful dreams (song)

Anytime, on a single day.

Anywhere, in a single place.

I am walking among caves

of candies wrapped in gold and silver paper.

I want to stuff handfuls into my pockets,

to eat them, but dawn is lightening.

Oh, oh, how merciful!

How lovely are my delicious dreams!

If dawn could come a little later,

I could have eaten one!

Anytime, on a single day.

Anywhere, in a single place.

I'm rushing through the clouds,

on a flying horse from a fable.

I want to land amid a pavilion of rainbows

of a million rays of light, but morning is coming.

Truly, truly, how merciful this is!

How lovely are my colorful dreams!

If morning could stretch itself out,

I would meet a heavenly princess!


Lyric and music by Dashdondog Jamba

Translator: Simon Wickham-Smith

Бичсэн: Жамбын Дашдондог | цаг: 18:53 | My works in English
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sain bnuu anh tanii orchuulsan behin savan dah ilbechin nomig unshaad orchuulagch bolno gj shiidsen odoo orchuulagchar surdag tand bayrllaa:D
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